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The Doll Who Dared to Love Audiobook

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The Doll Who Dared to Love Audiobook

Macee Carson
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Traumatized and tormented – is there a hero strong enough to help?
Born of candle wax and dark magic, Ipris hasn’t had a great start to life. From the very beginning, everything just went wrong … the spell, her purpose, that wicked creator, … and then the dark, cold closet where she felt so alone.
But things are about to change for this shy and sweet candlewax golem.
Luis Rockwell, a dragon humanoid adventurer with a big heart, has come to rescue Ipris and protect her from any more trauma.
Is Luis the right adventurer to take on such a complex quest?
Can he help Ipris find her place in a world that doesn’t want her?
Or has she suffered too much trauma to ever fully heal?
Find out in this fantasy, slice-of-life progression story, which explores the journey of self-discovery and the consequences of loyal friends.

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